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Venezuela crisis: Maduro closing border with Brazil (48 minutes old)

President Maduro acts as opposition supporters defy attempts to stop them bringing in foreign aid.

Botswana mulls lifting elephant hunting ban (34 minutes old)

A government report recommends lifting a four-year ban on hunting elephants.

Japan's Yoshitaka Sakurada apologises for being three minutes late (40 minutes old)

Japan's Yoshitaka Sakurada, who was late for a parliamentary meeting, makes his latest apology.

Syria war: US to leave 200 troops for peacekeeping after withdrawal (9 minutes old)

The announcement follows fierce criticism of President Donald Trump's decision to withdraw US troops.

Jussie Smollett: Judge calls alleged hate hoax 'despicable' (10 hours old)

A judge says the "most vile" part of the allegedly staged hate crime was the use of a noose.

Israel's Beresheet Moon mission gets under way (5 hours old)

The privately backed Beresheet robot leaves Earth on a mission to land on the lunar surface in April.

Fabien Clain, French jihadist and 'voice of Paris attacks', reported killed (13 hours old)

The French jihadist who claimed the 2015 attacks for IS is thought to have died in an air strike in Syria.

Melbourne car rampage: James Gargasoulas jailed for six murders (9 hours old)

James Gargasoulas ploughed a car into pedestrians in Melbourne, killing six and injuring dozens.

Pulwama attack: India government must protect Kashmiris - top court (1 hour 15 minutes old)

Kashmiris have been attacked after a bombing killed Indian forces in Indian-administered Kashmir.

Hayabusa-2: Japan spacecraft touches down on asteroid (6 hours old)

The Hayabusa-2 probe descended to the Ryugu asteroid to try to collect a sample from its surface.

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Ireland steps up effort to shelter economy from no-deal Brexit (6 hours old)

Bill readied amid concerns over impact on agriculture, food processing and transportIreland is accelerating preparations for a no-deal Brexit amid growing alarm that parts of the Irish economy could face severe disruption and even collapse – and that the UK hopes to leverage that prospect to wring concessions from the European Union.Leo Varadkar’s government is due on Friday to publish a mammoth omnibus bill incorporating 16 pieces of legislation to try to shelter Ireland from the doomsday scenario of the UK crashing out of the EU. Continue reading...

Venezuela crisis threatens disease epidemic across continent - experts (12 hours old)

Collapse of Venezuela’s healthcare system could fuel spread of malaria and other diseases across regionExperts have warned of an epidemic of diseases such as malaria and dengue on an unprecedented scale in Latin America following the collapse of the healthcare system in Venezuela.Continent-wide public health gains of the last 18 years could be undone if Venezuela does not accept help to control the spreading outbreaks of malaria, Zika, dengue and other illnesses that are afflicting its people, experts have warned in a report published in the journal Lancet Infectious Diseases. Continue reading[...]

How the US government created a fake university to snare immigrant students (56 minutes old)

Court documents reveal stunning scheme used to trap 161 foreign nationals; Ice maintains the students knew the school was fakeThe University of Farmington website described a college that would prepare students to succeed in an “ever-globalizing economy.” Students would show up at campus wearing backpacks and asking questions about classes. The US government listed Farmington as eligible to enroll foreign students. The school president, whose LinkedIn page is still online, sent emails to students describing his institution as “a nationally accredited institution authorized to enroll internatio[...]

Japan’s Hayabusa 2 successfully touches down on Ryugu asteroid (10 hours old)

The probe was due to fire a pellet into the surface of the asteroid to try to capture dustA Japanese spacecraft has successfully touched down on a speeding asteroid 300 million kilometres from the Earth as it attempts an audacious manoeuvre to collect samples and bring them back for scientists to study.The Hayabusa 2 probe touched down on the asteroid Ryugu at around 11:30pm GMT on Thursday. Data from the probe showed changes in speed and direction, indicating it had reached the asteroid’s surface, according to officials from the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA). Continue reading...

Millions of forest-dwelling indigenous people in India to be evicted (2 hours old)

Critics say ‘disastrous’ supreme court ruling is ‘mass eviction in name of conservation’Millions will be evicted in India after the supreme court ruled that indigenous people illegally living on forest land should move.Campaigners for the rights of tribal and forest-dwelling people have called the court’s decision on Wednesday “an unprecedented disaster,” and “the biggest mass eviction in the name of conservation, ever”. Continue reading...

Amnesty International leaders offer to resign over bullying culture (1 hour 34 minutes old)

Letter from seven staff admits mistakes after report warns of ‘toxic’ work environmentAmnesty International’s seven-member senior leadership team has offered to resign after a damning report warned of a “toxic” working environment and widespread bullying.A letter, signed jointly by the human rights group’s leadership team, acknowledged mistakes had been made, adding that the seven senior leaders took shared responsibility for the “climate of tension and mistrust” across the organisation. Continue reading...

‘Lives are hanging on the line’: Kenya delays landmark ruling on gay rights (3 hours old)

Decision prompts anger as high court asks for more time to consider evidenceJudges in Kenya have postponed a long-awaited landmark ruling that could have led to sex between men or between women decriminalised.The attempt by LGBT campaigners to have colonial era legislation struck out has been closely watched by activists across Africa. Continue reading...

Shamima Begum: I am willing to change to keep British citizenship (2 hours old)

Nineteen-year-old who joined Isis asks UK to show ‘a bit more mercy’ in assessing her caseShamima Begum has said she is “willing to change”, as she issued a plea to the UK government for “mercy” after the home secretary moved to strip her of her British nationality.The British-born 19-year-old, who travelled from east London to Syria to join Islamic State in 2015, wants to return from Syria because her newborn son is unwell, and she does not wish to allow him to return to the UK alone. Continue reading...

Greece races to move refugees from island branded a 'new Lesbos' (4 hours old)

Migration minister warns camp on Samos where hundreds of children live in squalor is six times over capacityGreek authorities are scrambling to house almost 4,000 people crammed into an overflowing migrant camp in Samos, as aid groups warn of a “humanitarian disaster” on one of Europe’s forgotten frontlines.Likening Samos to a “new Lesbos,” the country’s migration minister warned of a race against the clock to find suitable accommodation for the ever growing number of people trapped in a reception centre now six times over capacity. Continue reading...

Amy Winehouse hologram tour postponed due to 'unique sensitivities' (32 minutes old)

Base Hologram, which was planning a concert tour featuring the deceased singer, says ‘creativity does not necessarily follow a schedule’The company developing an Amy Winehouse hologram tour has postponed the project. Base Hologram said in a statement that it had encountered “some unique challenges and sensitivities” on the path to “remembering Amy Winehouse and her legacy in the most celebratory and respectful way possible”.In a further statement issued to Billboard magazine, Base chairman and CEO Brian Becker described the production as a “cross between a Broadway show and a concert spectacle[...]

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