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Trump tweet row: Don't take the bait, congresswomen say (2 hours old)

The US congresswomen attacked by the president in racially charged tweets dismiss them as a distraction.

Iran nuclear deal breaches not yet significant, EU says (8 hours old)

Recent breaches of the landmark 2015 agreement are reversible, the bloc's foreign policy chief says.

Italy seizes 'combat-ready' missile in raids on far right (10 hours old)

Some of the groups investigated in Italy are said to be linked to pro-Russian militants in Ukraine.

Boeing ditches 737 Max name on new Ryanair plane (9 hours old)

Photos show "737 Max" has been replaced with "737-8200" on plane, fuelling speculation about a rebrand.

Back in time inside Tehran's former US embassy (8 hours old)

The BBC has been given rare access inside Iran as tensions rise between the country, the United States and its allies.

Suzanne Eaton murder: Man arrested for murder of US scientist (9 hours old)

The man who allegedly killed Suzanne Eaton was reported to be a father of two from the Greek island.

US migrant crisis: Trump seeks to curb Central America asylum claims (3 hours old)

The White House is seeking to limit Central American migrants' ability to claim asylum in the US.

El Salvador: Woman faces retrial in stillbirth case (5 hours old)

Evelyn Beatríz Hernández Cruz had been sentenced to 30 years after being accused of aborting her baby.

Amazon workers launch protests on Prime Day (12 hours old)

Thousands of workers are calling for better conditions as the retail giant's annual sale starts.

Monsoon floods displace millions in India (10 hours old)

More than 130 people have been killed in Nepal, Bangladesh and India amid flooding and landslides.

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'Do not take the bait': congresswomen denounce Trump’s racist attack (4 hours old)

Four Democratic women targeted by Trump accuse him of following an ‘agenda of white nationalists’ at a press conferenceFour Democratic congresswomen of color targeted by Donald Trump’s racist attacks have accused the US president of following an “agenda of white nationalists” and asked that Americans “do not take the bait” of his divisive rhetoric.In a joint press conference at the Capitol, the congresswomen spoke out after Trump said they should “go back” to the “crime infested” countries they came from, prompting condemnation in the US and across the world. Continue reading...

Death toll from floods in south Asia rises to more than 100 (2 hours old)

More than four million displaced in India, Nepal and Bangladesh, with Assam and Bihar among the worst-hit regionsFloods have forced more than four million people from their homes across India, Nepal and Bangladesh and killed more than 100 people as torrential rains in the initial days of monsoons wreaked havoc.The poor Indian states of Assam and Bihar have been among the worst hit. Some 4.3 million people have been displaced from their homes in Assam in the last 10 days due to rising waters across the mostly rural northeastern region, according to a government release on Monday. Continue readi[...]

Hunt and Johnson: the backstop is dead and can't be in any EU deal (6 hours old)

Tory leadership rivals say they would prefer no-deal Brexit to proposed Irish border solutionBoris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt have declared the Northern Ireland backstop “dead” and promised to throw it out of any deal they negotiate with the EU, in comments that significantly harden their Brexit positions.The Tory leadership rivals both ruled out trying to tweak the backstop, which critics said could trap the UK indefinitely in a customs union with the EU. Continue reading...

'Something fishy': penguins detained by New Zealand police after sushi shop stakeout (2 hours old)

The flightless birds were found huddling near the grills under the shop, where it was warm“Waddling vagrants” in the form of two little blue penguins have been released by police after they were detained for setting up home under a Wellington sushi outlet.Their cover was blown after a shop worker heard them making a cooing, humming sound. It is understood that the penguins were hiding near the grills beneath the sushi shop, where it was warm. Continue reading...

Jeffrey Epstein: diamonds, cash and fake passport found in raid, prosecutors say (6 hours old)

Accusers ask judge not to release him before trial and prosecutors say ‘many individuals’ have come forward who say they are victimsTwo Jeffrey Epstein accusers offered emotional entreaties in court on Monday, asking a judge not to release the financier before his trial on sex trafficking charges. Related: Jeffrey Epstein: how US media – with one star exception – whitewashed the story Continue reading...

World hunger on the rise as 820m at risk, UN report finds (9 hours old)

Eliminating hunger by 2030 is an immense challenge, say heads of UN agenciesMore than 820 million people worldwide are still going hungry, according to a UN report that says reaching the target of zero hunger by 2030 is “an immense challenge”.The number of people with not enough to eat has risen for the third year in a row as the population increases, after a decade when real progress was made. The underlying trend is stabilisation, when global agencies had hoped it would fall. Continue reading...

Conjoined twin girls separated in London after 50 hours of surgery (8 hours old)

Craniopagus twins Safa and Marwa Ullah born with skulls and blood vessels fused together Rare conjoined twins have been separated at a world-leading children’s hospital in London, surgeons have announced.Two-year-old sisters Safa and Marwa Ullah, from Charsadda in Pakistan, underwent three major operations to separate their heads at Great Ormond Street hospital (GOSH). Continue reading...

Anorexia not just a psychiatric problem, scientists find (11 hours old)

Discovery of metabolic causes opens door to new treatments for dangerous eating disorderScientists have found that the devastating eating disorder anorexia nervosa is not purely a psychiatric condition but is also driven by problems with metabolism.The finding may help to explain doctors’ poor record in treating the illness and pave the way for radical new approaches to predict and treat those who are most at risk. Continue reading...

Former German spy chief causes alarm by sharing far-right tweets (10 hours old)

Critics question judgment of Georg Maaßen for spreading ‘lies and extremist agitation’When he was in charge of Germany’s domestic intelligence agency, Hans-Georg Maaßen warned of how easy it was for people to be led astray by “disinformation” and “clumsy fake reports” on the internet.But since his dismissal from office last September, the former spy chief’s behaviour on social media has raised questions over his own ability to distinguish conspiracy theories from truthful reporting, and sparked a debate about the neutrality of the powerful intelligence agency during a period in which a resurge[...]

Women as likely to be turned on by sexual images as men – study (7 hours old)

Neural analysis finds the brains of both sexes respond the same way to pornographyThe belief that men are more likely to get turned on by sexual images than women may be something of a fantasy, according to a study suggesting brains respond to such images the same way regardless of biological sex.The idea that, when it comes to sex, men are more “visual creatures” than women has often been used to explain why men appear to be so much keener on pornography. Continue reading...

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