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Netanyahu denounces bid to arrest him over Gaza war (3 hours old)

Israel's prime minister lambasts the ICC, saying it has compared Israel to "mass murderers".

What ICC arrest warrants mean for Israel and Hamas (1 hour 32 minutes old)

The Israeli and Hamas leaders are suspected of committing war crimes during the continuing war in Gaza.

Iran declares five days of mourning for president (6 hours old)

Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Kamenei offered condolences after the deaths of the president and foreign minister.

Concerns over trial of Greek shipwreck accused (1 hour 56 minutes old)

More than 600 people died in the worst migrant shipwreck in a decade

Assange wins right to challenge US extradition (9 hours old)

It means Mr Assange can remain in the UK for now and challenge US assurances over his prospective trial.

Knife attack in China primary school leaves two dead (14 hours old)

Police say the female suspect allegedly used a fruit knife in the attack which left 10 others hurt.

ChatGPT to lose voice over Johansson similarity (10 hours old)

The flirty, conversational upgrade to OpenAI's chatbot has been compared by some to 2013 film Her.

Cohen says he stole thousands from Trump organization (3 hours old)

The prosecution rested Monday and closing statements are expected to take place next week.

'Stop threatening us', Taiwan's new president tells China (17 hours old)

He urged Beijing to replace confrontation with dialogue, shortly after being sworn in on Monday.

Spain demands apology after PM's wife called 'corrupt' (8 hours old)

Argentina's president Javier Milei made the remarks at a far-right political rally in Madrid.

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Jacob Zuma not eligible to run for South African parliament, court rules (13 hours old)

Ex-president’s jail sentence precludes him from standing for new MK party in decision that could affect general election resultsSouth Africa’s highest court has ruled that former president Jacob Zuma cannot run for parliament in national elections on 29 May, the latest twist in the most competitive polls since the country’s first post-apartheid vote 30 years ago.The constitutional court found that Zuma was ineligible to stand for election due to a 15-month prison sentence for contempt of court in 2021, after he failed to appear before a corruption inquiry. Continue reading...

DRC army says it stopped attempted coup involving three US citizens (1 day old)

Coup leader killed and 50 people, including Americans, arrested after men reportedly attacked presidency in capital KinshasaThe leader of an attempted coup on Sunday in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has been killed and about 50 people including three American citizens arrested, a spokesperson for the central African country’s army told Reuters.Gunfire rang out around 4am in the capital Kinshasa, a Reuters reporter said. Armed men attacked the presidency in the city centre, according to spokesperson Sylvain Ekenge. Continue reading...

Rwanda denies entry to senior human rights researcher (1 day old)

Human Rights Watch says Clementine De Montjoye’s case raises fresh questions about UK’s asylum seeker schemeThe Rwandan government has barred a senior human rights researcher from entering the country, prompting accusations that officials are seeking to dodge independent scrutiny just weeks before the UK government is due to send asylum seekers there for the first time.Rwandan immigration authorities denied entry to Clementine de Montjoye, a senior researcher in Human Rights Watch’s Africa division, when she arrived at Kigali International Airport on 13 May. Continue reading...

Home Office in threat to deport disabled man to Nigeria after 38 years in UK (1 day old)

Anthony Olubunmi George, 61, has been refused leave to remain despite living most of his adult life in BritainA disabled man who has lived in the UK for 38 years has been threatened with removal from the UK by the Home Office.Anthony Olubunmi George, 61, came to the UK at the age of 24 in 1986 from Nigeria. He has not left the UK since and has no criminal convictions. In 2019, he had two strokes, which left him with problems with speech and mobility. Continue reading...

Binance executive denied bail in Nigeria over money laundering charges (3 days old [17/05/24])

Tigran Gambaryan faces allegations of ‘serious criminality’ on behalf of world’s largest cryptocurrency exchangeA Nigerian court has ruled that Tigran Gambaryan, the Binance executive detained on charges of tax evasion and money laundering, can face trial on behalf of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange.In a judgment in Abuja on Friday – Gambaryan’s 40th birthday – the presiding judge, Emeka Nwite, denied the American national bail, saying he was likely to abscond. Continue reading...

‘Bullet wounds are common’: crime rife in DRC’s rebel-besieged city of Goma (3 days old [17/05/24])

Robberies, shootings, extortion and rapes have surged since the Rwandan-backed M23 militia cut off the eastern Congolese capitalIn broad daylight on 16 April, three armed and uniformed men held up a city centre mobile phone shop.Threatening staff, they helped themselves to about £700 worth of goods, before making off on a motorbike, disappearing into the busy streets of Goma, in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo. Continue reading...

More than third of Amazon rainforest struggling to recover from drought, study finds (6 hours old)

‘Critical slowing down’ of recovery raises concern over forest’s resilience to ecosystem collapseMore than a third of the Amazon rainforest is struggling to recover from drought, according to a new study that warns of a “critical slowing down” of this globally important ecosystem.The signs of weakening resilience raise concerns that the world’s greatest tropical forest – and biggest terrestrial carbon sink – is degrading towards a point of no return. Continue reading...

Diplomatic row deepens after Javier Milei calls wife of Spanish PM ‘corrupt’ (8 hours old)

Spain recalls its Buenos Aires ambassador and demands apology from Argentina’s populist presidentThe Spanish government has recalled its ambassador from Buenos Aires and repeated its calls for Argentina’s populist president, Javier Milei, to apologise after he reopened a festering diplomatic row by suggesting that the wife of Spain’s prime minister was “corrupt”.Milei, a self-described “anarcho-capitalist” and sworn enemy of socialism, infuriated Spain’s centre-left government when he used a speech at a summit of international far-right leaders in Madrid on Sunday to revive allegations that Pe[...]

Weather tracker: Tornado and hail risk as US storm season ramps up again (15 hours old)

Low pressure also expected to raise temperatures in eastern Canada and north-east US, while temperatures plummet in westAfter a lull in recent weeks, storm season in the US has begun to ramp up again, with 100mph winds and tennis ball-sized hail hitting Kansas on Sunday. It has been a busy season so far in terms of severe storms, with late spring into early summer typically bringing the greatest risk for tornadoes across the plains and midwest. An area of low pressure moving in across the central US, combined with rich moisture streaming in from the Gulf of Mexico, will probably continue the t[...]

‘One hell of a storm is coming’: Canadian graphic novel about Indigenous identity sparks outrage (1 day old)

Book prompts conflict over claims of Métis identity in eastern Canada where group doesn’t have a homeland or deep historic tiesA graphic novel investigating Indigenous identity in Canada has prompted outrage from Métis groups, who say the book undermines their history and represents an attack on their sovereignty.The work is the result of a third-year history seminar at Dalhousie University, where students collaborated on a book examining thorny questions over ancestry and identity. Continue reading...

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