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Cyclone Debbie: 'Monster' storm batters Australia (1 hour 19 minutes old)

The Queensland premier says "everyone will be in shock" when the full impact is known.

Paris clashes after French police kill Chinese man (2 hours old)

Police say they were attacked by the Chinese national, but his family says he did not injure anyone.

New York's Fearless Girl statue to stay on till March 2018 (9 hours old)

The popular work, which aims to draw attention to gender inequality, will now stay in New York till 2018.

Trump to sweep away Obama climate change policies (1 hour 3 minutes old)

Environmentalists warn Mr Trump's order will have serious consequences at home and abroad.

Turkey 'spied on pro-Gulen opponents' in Germany (1 hour 42 minutes old)

Hundreds of people suspected of backing a US-based cleric are being watched, reports say.

Police investigating 'human waste in Coca Cola cans' (3 hours old)

Police are investigating after what appeared to be human waste was found in cans at a Coca Cola factory.

US parents sue to call baby girl Allah (14 hours old)

State officials have refused to issue the 22-month old with a birth certificate.

Ahmed Kathrada: South Africa's anti-apartheid veteran dies (3 hours old)

Ahmed Kathrada, who spent 26 years in prison for his activism, was a close associate of Nelson Mandela.

Meningitis outbreak kills at least 140 in Nigeria (2 hours old)

The disease has infected more than 1,000 people in one of the worst outbreaks for years.

Jared Kushner to be questioned over alleged Trump-Russia ties (6 hours old)

The president's aide, Jared Kushner, offered to speak to the Senate committee, says the White House.

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As Jared Kushner ascends White House ladder, Senate Russia inquiry adds scrutiny (16 hours old)

Trump’s son-in-law will lead Office of American Innovation to privatize certain government functions, as he agrees to testify in Russia election investigationJared Kushner, Donald Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser, found himself back in the spotlight for better and for worse on Monday. As the US president appointed him to a new White House role, it was revealed that Kushner would testify before a Senate committee investigating Russian interference in last year’s election. Continue reading...

Mosul residents were told not to flee before airstrikes that killed civilians (2 hours old)

Pentagon opens investigation into reports that more than 150 civilians died in US-led bombings to retake Iraqi city from IsisResidents in Mosul were instructed not to leave their homes ahead of airstrikes last week that are reported to have killed more than 150 civilians, Amnesty International has said.The recent spike in civilian casualties suggests the US-led coalition in Iraq is not taking adequate precautions to prevent civilian deaths as it battles Isis alongside Iraqi ground forces, according to a report by the human rights group on Tuesday. Continue reading...

Cyclone Debbie: police fear fatalities with extent of damage unclear (2 hours old)

Slow-moving category-four storm hits Australia’s north-east but it will be at least a day before destruction can be assessed • Worst storm in Australia in years hits the mainland – as it happenedThe extent of injuries from Cyclone Debbie is yet to be determined as Queensland’s police commissioner warned people to prepare for the possibility of deaths after the category-four storm struck the eastern coast of Australia.The scale of destruction was yet to emerge on Tuesday evening amid reports of severe damage to homes and communities cut off from communications. Continue reading...

United Airlines: leggings ban 'not sexist' even though it affects women more (18 hours old)

United Airlines spokesman defends ‘guidelines that apply to everyone’ after two young girls wearing leggings were kept from boarding a plane in DenverThe United Airlines dress code for pass riders is “absolutely not” sexist, a spokesman for the carrier said on Monday, a day after a social media storm blew up when two young girls were prevented from wearing leggings when boarding a plane in Denver. Related: United Airlines defends gate decision to bar girls wearing leggings from flight Continue reading...

Russian authorities 'imprisoning Crimean Tatars in psychiatric hospitals' (7 hours old)

Since annexation many ethnic Tatar activists have been detained in outdated mental institutions, rights activists sayLawyers and human rights activists say Russian authorities in Crimea are increasingly imprisoning human rights activists in psychiatric hospitals and submitting them to psychological abuse. Since the annexation of the region three years ago many ethnic Tatar activists who oppose the occupation have been arrested and subjected to abuse and imprisonment in outdated mental institutions, said Robert van Voren, a Dutch human rights activist and political scientist. Continue reading.[...]

Anti-apartheid activist Ahmed Kathrada dies aged 87 (1 hour 45 minutes old)

ANC says South Africa has ‘lost a titan’ with death of politician who was imprisoned with Nelson Mandela on Robben IslandThe South African anti-apartheid activist Ahmed Kathrada, one of Nelson Mandela’s closest colleagues in the struggle against white rule and a fellow Robben Island prisoner, has died aged 87. Related: Nelson Mandela’s fellow ANC activist breaks silence to demand Jacob Zuma’s resignation Continue reading...

Negotiations to ban nuclear weapons begin, but Australia joins US boycott (14 hours old)

At least 113 countries meet at UN to discuss ban, but US ambassador says the world is too unsafe for the US not to have nuclear weaponsNegotiations on a treaty to outlaw nuclear weapons have begun in New York, but have been publicly condemned by the United States, which is leading a coalition of more than 40 countries – including Australia – boycotting the talks.At least 113 countries are part of the negotiations which have begun at UN headquarters in New York this week, aiming to negotiate a “legally binding instrument to prohibit nuclear weapons, leading towards their total elimination”. Con[...]

Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny jailed after protests (19 hours old)

Moscow court hands down 15-day prison sentence and a fine to Navalny, who was arrested at anti-government rallyRussian opposition leader Alexei Navalny has been fined and sentenced to 15 days in prison, a day after some of the biggest anti-government protests since Vladimir Putin returned to the presidency in 2012 swept the country.Navalny was jailed and given a 20,000-rouble (£280) fine by a Moscow court for disobeying police orders and organising the protests, which led to more than 1,000 people being detained. Continue reading...

Canadian government aims to legalise marijuana by 1 July 2018 (20 hours old)

Liberal lawmakers plan to reveal legislation in April to decriminalise and regulate recreational marijuana, one of Justin Trudeau’s campaign promisesThe Canadian government is scrambling to craft legislation to legalise recreational marijuana by 1 July 2018 – a move that would fulfill a campaign promise by the prime minister, Justin Trudeau. The Liberal government will reveal the legislation in the second week of April, according to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, putting Canada on course to become the first G7 country to fully legalise marijuana use. Continue reading...

Jean-Luc Mélenchon, France's hard-left rebel, targets the disenchanted (21 hours old)

Presidential candidate without a party has overtaken Socialist Benoît Hamon in polls and vows to make second round of electionFor Jean-Luc Mélenchon, France’s hard-left presidential candidate, it is a case of one down, two to go. Opinion polls suggest the veteran political rebel, who is calling for a nonviolent “citizens’ revolution” and for the French constitution to be torn up and rewritten, has overtaken the official Socialist party candidate, Benoît Hamon. Continue reading...

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