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Epstein: US attorney general blames 'screw-ups’ for suicide (8 hours old)

The US attorney general says he has reviewed CCTV from the jailhouse on the night Epstein died.

Trump says envoy Marie Yovanovitch refused to hang his photo (7 hours old)

After two weeks of impeachment hearings, Mr Trump attacked the witnesses and defended his actions.

Sasha Baron Cohen: Facebook would have let Hitler buy anti-Semitic ads (2 hours old)

Comedian Sacha Baron Cohen criticises the social media giant's stance on freedom of expression.

Israel's Netanyahu facing fight of his political life (10 hours old)

Corruption charges against Israel's PM compound its political crisis, as he fights for his survival.

Merkel successor Kramp-Karrenbauer threatens to quit and wins ovation (8 hours old)

Under pressure leader Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer comes out fighting at the CDU congress in Germany.

Plane engine in flames in midair: 'We heard four large bangs' (5 hours old)

Passengers watch the engine catch fire midair on a flight from Los Angeles to the Philippines.

Bolivia crisis: Morales accused of terrorism and sedition (3 hours old)

Bolivia's interim government says it will seek "the maximum penalty" for the exiled ex-president.

Colombia protests: Curfew covers all Bogotá amid fresh protests (37 minutes old)

Tear gas is used to disperse protesters marching against the government of President Iván Duque.

Iran petrol protests: '100 leaders' arrested in crackdown (6 hours old)

A judiciary spokesman says more protest leaders have been identified will be arrested over the unrest.

Jerry Chun Shing Lee: Ex-CIA agent sentenced over China spying (4 hours old)

Jerry Chun Shing Lee is sentenced to 19 years in prison for conspiring to share US secrets with China.

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Trump resurfaces debunked theory Ukraine interfered in 2016 election (5 hours old)

President gave a rambling 55-minute interview on Fox & Friends, continuing to push claim a top Russia expert called ‘fictional’Donald Trump has continued to promote a debunked conspiracy theory that Ukraine interfered in the 2016 election, a day after the former top Russia expert in the White House called it a “fictional narrative” in dramatic impeachment testimony.In her testimony on Thursday, British-born Fiona Hill said Republicans loyal to Trump must stop pushing the idea that Ukraine interfered in the 2016 presidential election because it plays into Vladimir Putin’s hands. Continue readin[...]

Prince Andrew's private office to be moved out of Buckingham Palace (7 hours old)

Duke intends to keep working on mentoring scheme despite saying he would step back from public lifePrince Andrew is preparing to leave his private office in Buckingham Palace as he seeks a way to maintain control of an entrepreneurial scheme he set up, despite having agreed to step back from public life.The palace confirmed on Friday that the Duke of York intended to continue working on the Pitch@Palace scheme, even as Barclays became the latest among a growing number of organisations to sever ties with him over his links to the convicted child sex offender, Jeffrey Epstein. Continue reading..[...]

Corbyn 'neutral' on Brexit as Johnson attacked on trust (3 hours old)

Labour leader would negotiate new deal with EU, which would be put to a public vote alongside remain Reaction to coverage of the Question Time leaders specialJeremy Corbyn would take a “neutral stance” in a future Brexit referendum, he has announced, after facing mounting pressure in recent days to pick a side.Appearing in a special BBC Question Time programme, in which Boris Johnson was attacked over racism and Jo Swinson found herself on the back foot over Brexit, Corbyn confirmed for the first time he would not campaign either for leave or remain. Continue reading...

Bolivia's interim government accuses Evo Morales of terrorism and sedition (4 hours old)

Tape allegedly shows ex-president organising blockadesRoadblocks by Morales supporters have caused shortagesBolivia’s rightwing interim government has turned up the heat on former president Evo Morales, accusing him of committing acts of terrorism and sedition by fanning street protests and blockades.The country’s new interior minister, Arturo Murillo, announced on Friday that he had asked the public prosecutor’s office to open an investigation into Morales after the release of an audio recording supposedly showing the exiled leftist orchestrating plans for roadblocks designed to suffocate the[...]

Elon Musk's net worth plunges $768m in a day after cybertruck fiasco (1 hour 10 minutes old)

Tesla’s chief designer smashed the vehicle’s windows in an attempt to demonstrate their toughnessDoes the act of someone’s net worth plummeting make an actual sound?If so, then for Elon Musk it would be the thonk of a metal ball splintering the purportedly unbreakable glass of his long-awaited cybertruck. Continue reading...

Malta's PM urged to step back from case of murdered journalist (8 hours old)

Two members of government linked to man arrested over Daphne Caruana Galizia killingA senior European monitor is calling for Malta’s prime minister to distance himself from the investigation into the killing of the prominent investigative journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia due to a potential conflict of interest.Malta’s prime minister, Joseph Muscat, has the power to grant immunity from prosecution to a key witness who may have vital evidence about those who commissioned Caruana Galizia’s assassination two years ago. Continue reading...

Gregory Gunn: jury convicts white officer in shooting death of black man (56 minutes old)

Officer Aaron Cody Smith shot and killed 58-year-old Gunn after he fled during a pat-downAn Alabama jury on Friday convicted a white police officer of manslaughter in the fatal shooting of an unarmed black man in 2016.Jurors returned the verdict against the Montgomery police officer Aaron Cody Smith on the lesser charge for the shooting death of 58-year-old Gregory Gunn, according to reports from news outlets. Prosecutors had charged Smith with murder. Continue reading...

Merkel successor challenges party to back her or sack her (9 hours old)

CDU leader Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer gets ovation after ultimatum at party conferenceThe embattled leader of Germany’s ruling Christian Democrats has challenged delegates at the party’s conference to back her vision or else “end it here and now”, amid deep divisions over the future direction of the party.Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer told the CDU’s annual conference in Leipzig she was putting her future on the line in response to stinging criticism over her leadership style. Continue reading...

Netanyahu rivals move to bring him down after corruption indictments (11 hours old)

Israeli opposition parties scramble to find legal channels to strip weakened PM of powerBenjamin Netanyahu’s political opponents have moved to capitalise on a series of damning bribery indictments levelled against the Israeli leader, hoping to further weaken him at one of the lowest points in his decades-long career.The opposition Labor party was expected to file petitions to the high court of justice to force the country’s longest-serving prime minister to step down. Continue reading...

Hong Kong university siege continues as city prepares for election (12 hours old)

Medics warn of humanitarian crisis as protesters trapped inside campus for sixth dayHong Kong’s university siege stretched into a sixth day on Friday, as medics warned of a humanitarian crisis and the city prepared for weekend elections that will be a key barometer of public support for protesters.The new police chief, who was sworn in on Tuesday after the Polytechnic University had already been sealed off, is apparently trying to avoid more violent confrontation. Continue reading...

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