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Power Grid Worries Force Amazon To Run Oregon Datacenters Using Fuel Cells (41 minutes old)

Unable to get the power it needs to feed its growing datacenter footprint, Amazon plans to transition some of its Oregon datacenters over to natural gas fuel cells. The Register reports: First reported by local media, Amazon's initial plan would involve installing just shy of 75 megawatts of fuel cell capacity across three datacenters with the option to expand that to four additional sites in the future. Fuel cells extract electricity from a fuel like natural gas or hydrogen without the need for combustion. With hydrogen, the only byproducts of this reaction are electricity and water vapor, bu[...]

Bloatware Pushes the Galaxy S23 Android OS To an Incredible 60GB (1 hour 24 minutes old)

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: As a smartphone operating system, Android strives to be a lightweight OS so it can run on a variety of hardware. The first version of the OS had to squeeze into the T-Mobile G1, with only a measly 256MB of internal storage for Android and all your apps, and ever since then, the idea has been to use as few resources as possible. Unless you have the latest Samsung phone, where Android somehow takes up an incredible 60GB of storage. Yes, the Galaxy S23 is slowly trickling out to the masses, and, as Esper's senior technical editor Mishaal Rahm[...]

No Cryptocurrency Super Bowl Ads Have Been Purchased This Year  (2 hours old)

Last year's Super Bowl broadcast was "crypto-happy" as 100 million Americans saw at least three commercials promoting cryptocurrency. This year things will be different. According to the Associated Press, there will be no cryptocurrency advertisements aired during this year's game. From the report: Last year's Super Bowl was dubbed the "Crypto Bowl" because four cryptocurrency companies -- FTX, Coinbase, Crypto.com and eToro -- ran splashy commercials. It was part of a larger effort by crypto companies to break into the mainstream with sports sponsorships. But in November, FTX filed for bankru[...]

Can Earthquakes Be Predicted? (2 hours old)

A researcher from the Netherlands has gone viral for allegedly predicting the earthquake which struck Turkey and Syria, just three days before two massive quakes affected the region on Monday, February 6. From a report: On Friday, February 3, Frank Hoogerbeets posted on Twitter, "Sooner or later there will be a ~M 7.5 earthquake in this region (South-Central Turkey, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon)." The post was accompanied by a map highlighting the area Hoogerbeets expected to be affected by seismic activity. Hoogerbeets works for a research institute called the SSGEOS. The institute's purpose is "mo[...]

Finland's Most-Wanted Hacker Nabbed In France (3 hours old)

An anonymous reader quotes a report from KrebsOnSecurity: Julius "Zeekill" Kivimaki, a 25-year-old Finnish man charged with extorting a local online psychotherapy practice and leaking therapy notes for more than 22,000 patients online, was arrested this week in France. A notorious hacker convicted of perpetrating tens of thousands of cybercrimes, Kivimaki had been in hiding since October 2022, when he failed to show up in court and Finland issued an international warrant for his arrest. [...] According to the French news site actu.fr, Kivimaki was arrested around 7 a.m. on Feb. 3, after author[...]

Wikipedia Unblocked in Pakistan After Prime Minister's Intervention (4 hours old)

Pakistan has unblocked Wikipedia in the South Asian market, three days after the online encyclopedia was censored in the nation over noncompliance with removing what the local regulator deemed as "sacrilegious" content. From a report: Shehbaz Sharif, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, directed the unblocking order, calling the censorship on Wikipedia "not a suitable measure to restrict access to some objectionable contents / sacrilegious matter on it." "The unintended consequences of this blanket ban, therefore, outweigh its benefits," Sharif added. Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Getty Images Sues AI Art Generator Stable Diffusion in the US For Copyright Infringement (4 hours old)

Getty Images has filed a lawsuit in the US against Stability AI, creators of open-source AI art generator Stable Diffusion, escalating its legal battle against the firm. From a report: The stock photography company is accusing Stability AI of "brazen infringement of Getty Images' intellectual property on a staggering scale." It claims that Stability AI copied more than 12 million images from its database "without permission ... or compensation ... as part of its efforts to build a competing business," and that the startup has infringed on both the company's copyright and trademark protections.[...]

AMC is About To Make Paying For Theater Seats More Like Booking an Airline Ticket (5 hours old)

Starting pretty soon, some tickets at AMC locations are going to be getting cheaper and more expensive depending on where you sit as the movie theater chain introduces a new tiered pricing scheme called Sightline. From a report: Today, AMC announced its plans to roll out Sightline at AMC, a new pricing structure that will split auditorium seats into three differently priced tiers in theaters across the country beginning this Friday. In a statement about the new program, Eliot Hamlisch, AMC's chief marketing officer, described Sightline as an effort to get consumers thinking about buying movie [...]

Google Announces ChatGPT Rival Bard (6 hours old)

Google is working on a ChatGPT competitor named Bard. From a report: Google's CEO, Sundar Pichai, announced the project in a blog post today, describing the tool as an "experimental conversational AI service" that will answer users' queries and take part in conversations. The software will be available to a group of "trusted testers" today, says Pichai, before becoming "more widely available to the public in the coming weeks." It's not clear exactly what capabilities Bard will have, but it seems the chatbot will be just as free ranging as OpenAI's ChatGPT. A screenshot encourages users to ask [...]

Microsoft Swears It's Not Coming For Your Data With Scan For Old Office Versions (6 hours old)

Microsoft wants everyone to know that it isn't looking to invade their privacy while looking through their Windows PCs to find out-of-date versions of Office software. From a report: In its KB5021751 update last month, Microsoft included a plan to scan Windows systems to smoke out those Office versions that are no longer supported or nearing the end of support. Those include Office 2007 (which saw support end in 2017) and Office 2010 (in 2020) and the 2013 build (this coming April). The company stressed that it would run only one time and would not install anything on the user's Windows system[...]

The Register

Watch SpaceX's Starship SN4 prototype accidentally self-destruct in a rocket test burn (983 days old [30/05/20])

There's a starship waiting for the sky, he'd like to come meet us, but he thinks he'd blow our minds Video In yet another setback for Elon Musk's beloved steel spaceship, a SpaceX Starship prototype has exploded on the pad during a rocket test burn.…

Remember when Republicans said Dems hacked voting systems to rig Georgia's election? There were no hacks (983 days old [29/05/20])

'No evidence of damage to network or computers, no evidence of theft, damage, or loss of data' On November 4th, 2018, now-Georgia Republican Governor Brian Kemp announced an investigation into his rival Democratic party, accusing the organization of trying to hack the US state's voter registration system.…

Twitter, Reddit and pals super unhappy US visa hopefuls have to declare their online handles to Uncle Sam (983 days old [29/05/20])

Land Of The Free to List All The Websites You Use Twitter, Reddit, and the Internet Association on Thursday filed a legal brief in support of a challenge to the US State Department's policy of requiring visa applicants to disclose their social media handles and profiles.…

Western Digital shingled out in lawsuit for allegedly sneaking RAID-unfriendly tech into drives for RAID arrays (983 days old [29/05/20])

Probing by El Reg's Chris Mellor highlighted in class-action complaint A US law firm is seeking owners of certain shingled Western Digital drives to join a class-action suit against the storage slinger, alleging the manufacturer didn't document its use of shingled magnetic recording (SMR) in kit aimed at RAID arrays.…

The top three myths of cloud data protection – busted (983 days old [29/05/20])

SaaS is no replacement for disaster recovery as we're about to find out next month Webcast While moving into cloud working environments often meets a fair degree of push-back, the other side of the coin is that businesses believe throwing everything into the cloud makes them suddenly immune to any of the previous, established occupational hazards of networking technology.…

High-level musical chairs continue at SAP as yet another senior exec departs (983 days old [29/05/20])

Chief beancounter for cloud quits for pastures new The departure could not have come at a worse time for SAP, but Todd McElhatton, veep and chief beancounter for the Cloud Business Group, is the latest person to hang up their hat at the German database giant.…

Nokia's reboot of the 5310 is a blissfully dumb phone that will lug some mp3s about just fine (983 days old [29/05/20])

No Wi-Fi, no newsfeeds – just you, 2G, and your awful music taste The Nokia 5310 XpressMusic was the primary tormentor of late-2000s commuters*. With a powerful built-in speaker and room for a micro SD card, shellsuit-sporting hoodlums could serenade weary bus-goers with the latest computer-generated noise from the Ministry of Sound.…

Guess who came thiiis close to signing off a €102k annual budget? Austria. Someone omitted 'figures in millions' (983 days old [29/05/20])

'In Ihrem Budget fehlen sechs Nullen' warned MP Austria's parliament came within moments of slashing its annual spending limit to peanuts after someone omitted the key words "figures in millions" from its national budget bill.…

HP's hoping it'll be second time lucky with launch of Reverb G2 nerd goggles (983 days old [29/05/20])

'Keeping all of the best elements from the G1'... and none of the bad, please HP has given the moribund Windows Mixed Reality market a shot in the arm by opening pre-orders for its long-teased HP Reverb G2 headset.…

Visual Studio Code finally arrives on ARM64 Windows. No, you haven't woken up in 2017, sadly. It's still 2020 (983 days old [29/05/20])

Now you can program like a native with your £899 Surface Pro X – keyboard not included Good news for those who have splashed the cash on Microsoft's flagship Surface Pro X – the software behemoth has emitted an ARM64 build of Visual Studio Code.…

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BBC News - Technology

Digital pound likely this decade, Treasury says (2 hours old)

The Treasury and Bank of England will formally start a consultation for the digital currency, on Tuesday.

Google launches ChatGPT rival called Bard (6 hours old)

The tech giant says its new Artificial Intelligence-powered chatbot will roll out in the coming weeks.

Facebook's parent firm Meta can be sued by ex-moderator, judge rules (7 hours old)

A Kenyan court has said that Facebook's parent company can be sued by a former content moderator.

'Google killer' ChatGPT sparks AI chatbot race (12 hours old)

The future of internet search could be transformed by this new tech, writes BBC tech editor Zoe Kleinman.

Tech lay-offs: Dell to cut workforce (15 hours old)

Dell adds to the growing list of technology companies cutting jobs as consumer and corporate spending shrinks.

Britishvolt: UK battery start-up set to be bought by Australian firm (15 hours old)

Recharge Industries is named preferred bidder for collapsed battery firm Britishvolt.

Digital cameras back in fashion after online revival (1 day old)

Analysts say the huge interest on eBay, Etsy and TikTok is driven by young people wanting old technology.

Farewell radiators? Testing out electric infrared wallpaper (1 day old)

Pilots are being run around the UK to see if electric wallpaper could be an efficient way to heat homes.

Interpol working out how to police the metaverse (3 days old [04/02/23])

The global police agency has built its own virtual reality (VR) space, for users to do training.

'Investing in the artist makes me feel more involved in the song' (15 hours old)

Swedish company Corite allow fans to invest in the music of their favourite artists.

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