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App of the week: It’s Full of Sparks (8 hours old)

Firecrackers have a short fuse, but don’t want to go out with a bang in this oddball speedrun platformer

The Stuff Hot Five (9 hours old)

These are the top five products worth your time and money this week

The best mobile phone deals - January 2018 (23 hours old)

Hunting around for a new mobile phone deal? Searching for top contracts on the best phones today? Here they are: iPhone X £56/m w/ 16GB, S8 £34/m w/ 30GB, OnePlus 5T £41/m w/ 12GB, Huawei Mate 10 Pro £46/m w/ 20GB, Google Pixel 2 £36/m w/ 26GB and SIM Only 40GB data for £18/m

Ticwatch E (1 day old)

The Ticwatch proves that budget smartwatches needn't be dumb...

MWC 2018 preview: the smartphones we're most excited to see (1 day old)

Samsung, Huawei, Nokia, and more – here's what should debut at this year's Mobile World Congress

HTC U11+ (1 day old)

The squeezy phone is back with a bigger screen and bumper battery

The most anticipated smartphones of 2018 (1 day old)

They might not be official yet, but that doesn't mean we're not excited for this year's smartphones...

Introducing IQbuds Boost: the earbuds that improve your hearing (2 days old [18/01/18])

Waiting for Nuheara's Sound and Vision

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Apple Might Discontinue the iPhone X This Summer (37 minutes old)

BGR shares a startling prediction from Ming-Chi Kuo, the Apple analyst at KGI securities: Kuo -- who we should note has an exemplary track record with respect to iPhone rumors -- adds that Apple may opt to discontinue the current iPhone X entirely if sales are underwhelming. "KGI also expects a trio of iPhone models in the fall of 2018," AppleInsider notes. "He predicts the iPhone X will be 'end of life' in the summer of 2018, instead of being retained as a lower-cost option in the following year." If Kuo's projection pans out, this would represent a marked shift in Apple's iPhone sales strat[...]

Car Manufacturers Sued Over Rodents Eating Soy-Insulated Wires  (1 hour 42 minutes old)

An anonymous reader writes about "a little-known problem plaguing many newer vehicles from the likes of Honda, Toyota, and Kia." The car makers used soy-insulated wiring to cut costs and "Go Green", but owners in rural areas are finding the local wildlife finds the wiring irresistible; thousands of dollars in damage has been done by rats and other critters eating wiring harnesses. Hackaday is asking their community to brainstorm solutions to this unique problem, as owners of affected vehicles have had to resort to sprinkling their driveway with coyote urine and putting rat traps on the wheels[...]

Twitter Says It Exposed Nearly 700,000 People To Russian Propaganda During Election (4 hours old)

An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Verge: Twitter this evening released a new set of statistics related to its investigation on Russia propaganda efforts to influence the 2016 U.S. presidential election, including that 677,775 people were exposed to social media posts from more than 50,000 automated accounts with links to the Russian government. Many of the new accounts uncovered have been traced back to an organization called the the Internet Research Agency, or IRA, with known ties to the Kremlin. The data was first presented in an incomplete form to the Senate Select Intelligence [...]

What a Government Shutdown Will Mean For NASA and SpaceX (10 hours old)

Ars Technica reports of how the government shutdown affects federal agencies like NASA, as well as commercial companies like SpaceX: So far, NASA has been keeping quiet about this particular shutdown and has been directing all questions to the White House Office of Management and Budget, which did not respond to a request for comment. But NASA's acting administrator, Robert Lightfoot, told employees in an email obtained by The Verge to be on alert for directions over the next couple of days. "If there is a lapse in funding for the federal government Friday night, report to work the same way yo[...]

How To Tame the Tech Titans (13 hours old)

dryriver shares an opinion piece from The Economist: Not long ago, being the boss of a big Western tech firm was a dream job. As the billions rolled in, so did the plaudits: Google, Facebook, Amazon and others were making the world a better place. Today these companies are accused of being BAADD -- big, anti-competitive, addictive and destructive to democracy. Regulators fine them, politicians grill them and one-time backers warn of their power to cause harm. Much of this techlash is misguided. The presumption that big businesses must necessarily be wicked is plain wrong. Apple is to be admire[...]

Ajit Pai's FCC Can't Admit Broadband Competition Is a Problem (15 hours old)

An anonymous reader quotes a report from DSLReports: While the FCC is fortunately backing away from a plan that would have weakened the standard definition of broadband, the agency under Ajit Pai still can't seem to acknowledge the lack of competition in the broadband sector. Or the impact this limited competition has in encouraging higher prices, net neutrality violations, privacy violations, or what's widely agreed to be some of the worst customer service of any industry in America. The Trump FCC had been widely criticized for a plan to weaken the standard definition of broadband from 25 Mbp[...]

Nintendo's Newest Switch Accessories Are DIY Cardboard Toys (16 hours old)

sqorbit writes: Nintendo has announced a new experience for its popular Switch game console, called Nintendo Labo. Nintendo Labo lets you interact with the Switch and its Joy-Con controllers by building things with cardboard. Launching on April 20th, Labo will allow you to build things such as a piano and a fishing pole out of cardboard pieces that, once attached to the Switch, provide the user new ways to interact with the device. Nintendo of America's President, Reggie Fils-Aime, states that "Labo is unlike anything we've done before." Nintendo has a history of non-traditional ideas in gamin[...]

Norway Will Make All Short-Haul Flights Electric By 2040 (16 hours old)

Norway's public operator of air transport plans to make all short-haul flights in the country entirely electric by 2040. "State-owned Avinor, which operates most of Norway's civil airports, is aiming to be the 'first in the world' to switch to electric air transport," reports The Independent. From the report: "We think that all flights lasting up to 1.5 hours can be flown by aircraft that are entirely electric," chief executive Dag Falk-Petersen told AFP. The announcement confirms Norway's reputation as a leader in electric power. In a 2017 report, Avinor announced that in cooperation with the[...]

Google CEO Sundar Pichai Says He Does Not Regret Firing James Damore (17 hours old)

An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Verge: Google CEO Sundar Pichai responded today to the firing of employee James Damore over his controversial memo on workplace diversity, stating that while he does not regret the decision, he regrets that people misunderstood it as a politically motivated event. Speaking in a live conversation with journalist and Recode co-founder Kara Swisher, MSNBC host Ari Melber, and YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki in San Francisco, Pichai said that the decision to fire Damore was about ensuring women at Google felt like the company was committed to creating a welc[...]

Security Breaches Don't Affect Stock Price, Study Suggests (18 hours old)

Computer security professional Bruce Schneier highlights the key findings of a study that suggests security breaches don't affect stock price. The study has been published in the Journal of Information Privacy and Security. From the report: -While the difference in stock price between the sampled breached companies and their peers was negative (1.13%) in the first 3 days following announcement of a breach, by the 14th day the return difference had rebounded to + 0.05%, and on average remained positive through the period assessed. -For the differences in the breached companies' betas and the [...]

The Register

Unlocked: The hidden love note on the grave of America's first crypto power-couple (8 hours old)

BAAAB AABBB AAAAA BAAAA AABAA ABBAB ABBAA BAAAA AABAA AAABB AAABB ABAAA BAABA Shmoocon Among the 400,000 graves at the Arlington National Cemetery – a solemn US military graveyard in Virginia – lies the final resting place of cryptography pioneers William and Elizebeth Friedman.…

Cyber-coin crackdown continues: Commission charges couple crypto-currency company chiefs concerning 'conned' customers (15 hours old)

Crikey! The US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) is the latest financial watchdog to haul into court companies in the virtual currency space.…

Twitter breaks bad news to 677,775 twits: You were duped by Russia (16 hours old)

Election manipulation wasn't as bad as feared – it was worse Twitter says it will warn hundreds of thousands of tweeters who deliberately or inadvertently interacted with Kremlin bots during the 2016 US presidential election.…

FCC drops idiotic plans to downgrade entire nation's internet speeds (17 hours old)

US regulator won't pretend that mobile networks are equivalent to landlines Analysis America's favorite government watchdog – the Federal Communications Commission – has backtracked on plans to downgrade the entire country's internet, agreeing to maintain its current definition of what is broadband speed.…

In Soviet California, pedestrian hits you! Bloke throws himself in front of self-driving car (18 hours old)

We're not sure why but maybe it will become a thing While commuter buses ferrying Apple and Google employees have been rerouted to avoid being shot at – reportedly with a pellet gun – GM Cruise has had less success keeping one of its self-driving cars out of harm's way.…

America restarts dodgy spying program – just as classified surveillance abuse memo emerges (19 hours old)

There is literally nothing decent in this story Analysis The US Senate reauthorized a controversial NSA spying program on Thursday – and then, because it's 2018 and nothing matters any more, embarked on a partisan battle over a confidential memo that outlines Uncle Sam's alleged abuse of surveillance powers.…

OnePlus minus 40,000 credit cards: Smartmobe store hacked to siphon payment info to crooks (21 hours old)

Chinese biz scrambles to tear down injected theft script OnePlus today confirmed thieves siphoned tens of thousands of people's credit card numbers from its online store.…

Talk about a positive mental pl-attitude: WD Ultrastars shed disks without hit to capacity (1 day old)

Revitalises midrange nearline air-filled tech Western Digital Corp's HGST unit has brought out 4 and 6TB nearline platter-reduced disk drives with an 8TB drive on the way.…

Internet giants removing 70 per cent of reported hate speech, crows European Commission (1 day old)

But we might still drum up some new regs, so keep it up Tech firms are removing more hate speech faster than before – so now EU lawmakers want them to improve their feedback to users.…

Is the writing on the wall for on-premises IT? This survey seems to say so (1 day old)

Suppliers, time to consider that SaaS and/or public cloud angle Research outfit 451 has run a survey that should get the pulses of on-premises IT suppliers beating faster.…

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Net firms 'better' at removing hate speech, says EU (1 day old)

The European Union says that 70% of material deemed to be offensive is removed within 24 hours.

Data-stealing spyware 'traced to Lebanon' (1 day old)

Nation-state malware dubbed Dark Caracal uncovered by security researchers.

Thousands hit in OnePlus credit card hack (1 day old)

About 40,000 customers of OnePlus could have had card details stolen in the attack by cyber-thieves

TalkTalk most complained-about broadband provider (1 day old)

The Post Office came out worst for landline services and Vodafone worst for mobile services.

Apple hit with complaint by South Korean consumer group (1 day old)

A South Korean consumer group has filed a complaint against Apple over iPhone slowdown.

Google tackles Chromecast wi-fi blasting bug (1 day old)

The problem can knock out home networks by overwhelming routers with data surge, it said

Chrissy Chambers: Revenge porn almost killed me (2 days old [18/01/18])

Singer Chrissy Chambers describes how her life changed when her ex posted an explicit video online.

Uber co-founder Travis Kalanick a billionaire after $9.3bn investment deal (1 day old)

Travis Kalanick is selling shares worth $1.4bn as a consortium invests $9.3bn in Uber.

Detroit Motor Show: What the cars of the future may look like (2 days old [18/01/18])

A range of concept cars and trucks are showcased at the 2018 Detroit motor show.

Apple and Google buses under fire in Silicon Valley (1 day old)

Buses carrying Apple and Google employees to work have been targeted while en route.

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