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The Ember Travel Mug keeps your drink at the ideal temperature on the go (24 days old [20/11/18])

A travel mug that's quite the hot-tea

Christmas Gift Guide 2018: 185 amazing Christmas gadget gift ideas (24 days old [20/11/18])

Stuck for what to buy that special someone? We've done the hard work for you

Christmas Gift Guide 2018: 15 gift ideas for drinkers and alcohol lovers (24 days old [20/11/18])

Thirst-quenching presents for fans of every tipple

The 40 best iPhone and iPad games right now (25 days old [20/11/18])

UPDATED: If you’re not using your iOS devices for playing games, you’re missing out on some of the best titles mobile has to offer

Nokia 9 preview: Everything we know so far (25 days old [19/11/18])

UPDATED: A leaked case showcases the five-camera design

11 things Apple will definitely* be making soon** (25 days old [19/11/18])

*Maybe **At some point

Astro's C40 TR is a wallet-busting PS4 gamepad built for pros (25 days old [19/11/18])

Bonus buttons, mix-and-match components, and Astro's trademark polish

First 10 things you should do with your Google Pixel 3 or Pixel 3 XL (25 days old [19/11/18])

Got yourself Google's latest Pixel phone? Here's how to get the best out of it...

Tiny L’Oreal wearable keeps you safe in the sun (26 days old [19/11/18])

My Skin Track/UV does what it says on the tin


Tesla Model 3 Modded To Run Ubuntu (58 minutes old)

140Mandak262Jamuna writes: CleanTechnica is reporting that someone hacked the infotainment system of a Tesla Model 3 and got root access and installed Linux distribution Ubuntu. Redditor trsohmers is able to show an Ubuntu command shell running alongside the Tesla OS. Since Tesla supports a browser that allows you to visit any site, could this be leveraged into remote hacks? It could also mean that if Tesla sells a long-range version of the Model 3, but limits it via software, people might try to remove the block. One could potentially get a 15-day trial of full self-driving for free and exten[...]

NASA's Hubble Telescope Discovers An 'Evaporating' Planet (3 hours old)

Researchers at the University of Geneva Switzerland have used NASA's Hubble telescope to find an exoplanet that's evaporating. The exoplanet, GJ 3470b, shows signs of losing hydrogen in its atmosphere, causing it to shrink. USA Today reports: The study is part of exploration into "hot Neptunes," planets that are the size of Neptune, sit very close to their star, and have atmospheres as hot at 1,700 degrees Fahrenheit, says NASA. Finding a "hot Neptune" is rare because they sit so close to their star and tend to evaporate more quickly. In the case of GJ 3470b, scientists classify it as a "warme[...]

Experts Urge US To Continue Support For Nuclear Fusion Research (7 hours old)

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Scientific American: A panel of 19 scientists drawn from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine recommended yesterday that the Department of Energy should continue an international experiment on nuclear fusion energy and then develop its own plan for a "compact power plant." A panel of 19 scientists drawn from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine recommended yesterday that the Department of Energy should continue an international experiment on nuclear fusion energy and then develop its own plan for a "compac[...]

Number of Streaming Shows Overtakes Basic Cable, Broadcast For First Time (8 hours old)

schwit1 shares a report from Variety: Streaming services snatched their biggest piece of the TV pie ever in 2018. According to FX's annual report on the number of scripted originals on TV, the number of streaming shows has surpassed the number of basic cable and broadcast shows for the first time ever. Out of 495 scripted originals that aired in 2018, 160 of them did so on a streaming platform. That is compared to 146 on broadcast and 144 on basic cable. Pay cable accounted for the remaining 45 shows. Streaming shows also saw the biggest increase year-to-year, growing from 117 last year. Broad[...]

Cloudflare Under Fire For Allegedly Providing DDoS Protection For Terrorist Websites (9 hours old)

Cloudflare is facing accusations that it's providing cybersecurity protection for at least seven terrorist organizations. "On Friday, HuffPost reported that it has reviewed numerous websites run by terrorist organizations and confirmed with four national security and counter-extremism experts that the sites are under the protection of Cloudflare's cybersecurity services," reports Gizmodo. "Among Cloudflare's millions of customers are several groups that are on the State Department's list of foreign terrorist organizations, including al-Shabab, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palest[...]

Porn Sites Collect More User Data Than Netflix Or Hulu (9 hours old)

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Quartz: The biggest and perhaps best source of data about what people like to watch on the internet and what they would pay for doesn't come from streaming giants like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, or Hulu. It comes from porn. While consuming porn is typically a private and personal affair, porn sites still track your every move: What content you choose, which moments you pause, which parts you repeat. By mining this data to a deeper degree than other streaming services, many porn sites are able to give internet users exactly what they want -- and they w[...]

T-Mobile, Sprint Merger Will Reportedly Be Cleared By US National Security Panel (10 hours old)

According to CNBC, T-Mobile and Sprint are expecting their merger to be approved by a U.S. national security panel as early as next week, after their respective parent companies said they would consider dropping Huawei. From the report: U.S. government officials have been pressuring T-Mobile's German majority owner, Deutsche Telekom, to stop using Huawei equipment, the sources said, over concerns that Huawei is effectively controlled by the Chinese state and its network equipment may contain "back doors" that could enable cyber espionage, something which Huawei denies. That pressure is part of[...]

Apple Will Update iPhones In China To Avoid a Ban On Sales (11 hours old)

An anonymous reader quotes a report from The New York Times: Apple said it would update the software of iPhones in China (Warning: source paywalled; alternative source) to try to resolve a legal dispute that threatens to stop the company from selling older iPhones in the country. Apple and its longtime chip supplier, Qualcomm, have been fighting in court over Apple's use of Qualcomm's technology. On Nov. 30, a Chinese court ruled Apple must immediately stop selling seven older iPhone models in China because it infringed on two Qualcomm patents. But Apple has not stopped selling those iPhones t[...]

Nintendo Warns It Won't Make More Retro NES and SNES Consoles (12 hours old)

Nintendo's Reggie Fils-Aime warned that the NES Classic and SNES Classic will sell in the Americas through the holidays, but will be "gone" once they sell out. Engadget reports: If you want to walk down memory lane after that, you'll have to take advantage of the games that come with Switch Online. You might also want to tamp down your hopes for a Nintendo 64 Classic. Fils-Aime added that the existing systems are the "extent of our classic program." That wouldn't be completely surprising given that the N64 was considerably more complex than its predecessor. The executive likewise ruled out add[...]

Discord Store To Offer Developers 90 Percent of Game Revenues (12 hours old)

DarkRookie2 shares a report from Ars Technica: Discord has announced that it will start taking a reduced, 10-percent cut from game revenues generated on its online store starting next year, one-upping the Epic Games Store and its recently announced 12-percent cut on the Epic Games Store. The move comes alongside a coming expansion of the Discord Games Store, which launched earlier this year with a tightly curated selection of games that now includes roughly 100 titles. The coming "self-serve publishing platform" will allow developers "no matter what size, from AAA to single-person teams" to ac[...]

The Register

Apple iPhone X screen falls short of promises, lawsuit says (10 hours old)

Complaint argues false pixels, notch, and measurements don't fit with ad claims Two iPhone owners sued Apple on Friday claiming that company misrepresents the screen resolution and screen size of its recent model iPhones.…

'Bomb threat' scammers linked to earlier sextortion campaign (10 hours old)

Scare tactic efforts may be the work of a single group Yesterday's 'bomb scare' spam campaign may have been a follow-up to another infamous email extortion effort.…

Vitamin Water gets massive publicity for new flavor: Utter BS (10 hours old)

Says it will give people $100,000 to ditch their smartphone. It won't It's your lucky day: sugary soft drink maker Vitamin Water has said it will give you $100,000 if you are able to give up your smartphone for a year.…

Scumbag hackers lift $1m from children's charity (11 hours old)

Utter asshats pull seven-figure heist on Save the Children Foundation A group of criminal asswipes have managed to steal $1m from the Save the Children Foundation.…

An AI system has just created the most realistic looking photos ever (12 hours old)

Computers are getting better at generating pictures of humans. This will go down well. AI systems can now create images of humans that are so lifelike they look like photographs, except the people in them don’t really exist.…

One year on after US repealed net neutrality, policymakers reflect soberly on the future (13 hours old)

Don't be daft, of course they haven't, we're still in Crazytown USA Analysis One year ago today, the FCC passed a controversial measure that undermined its own rules, passed just two years earlier, over net neutrality.…

Stop us if you've heard this one: Facebook apologizes for bug leaking private photos (14 hours old)

Data gathering biz still having trouble keeping data secure Facebook on Friday apologized for a bug that may have exposed exposed private photos to third-party apps for the 12 day period from September 13 to September 25, 2018.…

Fed up with Oracle's Sith, AWS wades into Big Red's lawsuit over Pentagon JEDI contract (14 hours old)

Long-standing cloud enemies to do battle in the courts AWS has intervened in Oracle's lawsuit against the Pentagon's plans to award a $10bn cloud contract to a single vendor.…

Hot on heels of 2.0, Vivaldi 2.2 adds tab session management among other goodies (15 hours old)

But built-in email and mobile clients still works in progress Only months after reaching the 2.0 milestone, the independent Chromium-based browser Vivaldi has added a bunch of useful features.…

ZipRecruiter has been flying low: User email addresses exposed to unauthorised accounts (16 hours old)

Looking for work? Spammers could well be looking for you Tinder for job-seekers ZipRecruiter has copped to a data breach after the names and email addresses of job-seekers were flung to the wind in a permissions screw-up.…

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BBC News - Technology

Were Taylor Swift fans tracked at her gig? (18 hours old)

A stadium in LA confirms it uses facial recognition technology at pop concerts.

New Facebook bug exposed millions of photos (18 hours old)

Photos of up to 6.8 million Facebook users, including ones they never posted, could be accessed.

Wetherspoons fake accounts to be exposed (22 hours old)

Twitter must reveal the identity behind two parody accounts, the high court rules.

Half of UK homes could get faster broadband (1 day old)

New research suggests that people have not taken up faster services, even though they are available.

Tumblr returns to App Store after porn ban (23 hours old)

The social network has returned to Apple's app store after revealing plans to ban adult content.

Amazon uses dummy parcels to catch thieves (1 day old)

The online retailer has teamed up with police in New Jersey to fight parcel theft with dummy packages.

Grace Millane: New Zealand anger over Google naming murder suspect (1 day old)

Google named the man accused of killing UK backpacker Grace Millane in an email, which could be illegal.

Bieber fans help YouTube Rewind become 'most disliked' (1 day old)

Beliebers voting against YouTube Rewind seem to have helped the video rack up negative feedback.

Apple to create $1bn Texas base (1 day old)

The company says it expects to become Austin's biggest private employer.

Uber told self-drive cars unsafe days before accident (1 day old)

A leaked email sent to Uber bosses by a staff member arrived days before a car hit and killed a pedestrian.

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