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The best mobile phone deals - July 2017 (11 hours old)

Looking for a new phone? Here are the best deals on the hottest phones: OnePlus 5 for £38/m w/ 5GB, S8+ for £42.99/m w/ 10GB, LG G6 for £32/m w/ 4GB and HTC U11 for £37.99 w/ 5GB

The PES 2018 Online Beta is live - here's what to expect (11 hours old)

3-on-3 co-op and, yes, they have ditched that awful Genghis Khan song

The 8 best new features in the macOS High Sierra public beta (12 hours old)

This ain't no maintenance release - there are plenty of goodies in macOS 10.13

Leica TL2 (13 hours old)

Meet the compact system cam that feels like a smartphone...

Nokia 3 (14 hours old)

Stand-out styling, but sub-power power

The 15 best Netflix Originals (14 hours old)

Some of Netflix’s finest fare is homegrown. Here’s what you should be streaming

The best Three mobile phone deals - inc. Honor 9 for £28/m w/ 4GB (16 hours old)

Hunting the web for a new mobile phone with Three, perhaps featuring on Go Binge plans? You've come to the right place: S8+ £44/m w/ 8GB, LG G6 £35/m w/12GB, Phone 7 Plus £41/m w/ 8GB and 8GB SIMO £14/m

Supercar-inspired Bell & Ross BR 03-94 gets a hi-viz makeover (17 hours old)

“Would sir care for a watch to go with his supercar?”

Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Everything we know so far (19 hours old)

UPDATED: Samsung confirms the Note 8's official reveal date

The 17 movies we're most excited about in 2017 (1 day old)

UPDATED: All the latest trailers for all of this year's biggest flicks


The New Firefox and Ridiculous Numbers of Tabs (1 hour 7 minutes old)

An anonymous reader shares a blog post: I've got a Firefox profile with 1691 tabs. As you would expect, Firefox handled this profile quite poorly for a long time. I got used to multi-minute startup time, waiting 15-30 seconds for tabs from external apps to show up, and all manner of non-responsive behavior. And then, quite recently, everything changed. Right now, more effort is being put into making Firefox fast than I've seen since... well, since I've been working on Firefox. And I've been at Mozilla for more than a decade. Part of this effort is a project called Quantum Flow -- a bunch of en[...]

Senator Doesn't Buy FCC Justification For Killing Net Neutrality (6 hours old)

From a report: Senator Edward Markey this week questioned FCC boss Ajit Pai's justifications for killing popular net neutrality rules in a hearing in Washington. We've noted repeatedly that while large ISPs claim net neutrality killed broadband investment, objective analysis repeatedly finds that to be a lie. That's not just based on publicly-available SEC filings and earnings reports, but the industry's own repeated comments to investors and analysts. But that doesn't stop AT&T, Verizon, Comcast and Charter (and the ocean of politicians, think tankers, consultants and other PR vessels they em[...]

Intel Accuses Qualcomm of Trying To Kill Mobile Chip Competition (7 hours old)

Intel has jumped into the fray surrounding the Apple-Qualcomm patent spat by accusing the world's biggest maker of mobile phone chips of trying to use the courts to snuff out competition. From a report: The chip giant made the allegation late Thursday in a public statement (PDF) to US International Trade Commission. The commission had requested the statement as part of its investigation into Qualcomm's accusation that Apple's iPhones of infringe six of Qualcomm's mobile patents. Specifically, Intel said, the case is about quashing competition from Intel, which described itself as "Qualcomm's o[...]

Google, Apple, Amazon Hit Record Lobbying Highs (9 hours old)

An anonymous reader shares a report: The last three months brought record-high lobbying spending from four major tech companies: Google spent $5.93 million, Apple spent $2.2 million, Amazon spent $3.21 million, Uber spent $430,000. Facebook spent $2.38 million this quarter, up from the same period last year but far from a record. Microsoft's bill for the quarter was just over $2 million. Read more of this st[...]

Sean Spicer Resigns as White House Press Secretary After Objecting To Scaramucci Hire (9 hours old)

CNBC reports: White House press secretary Sean Spicer abruptly resigned Friday after opposing President Donald Trump's appointment of Anthony Scaramucci as communications director. The president asked Spicer to stay in his role, but Spicer said appointing Scaramucci was a major mistake, The New York Times, citing a person with direct knowledge of the conversation. NBC News confirmed the resignation with two people familiar with the matter. Spicer tweeted later that he will continue to serve through August. White House chief of staff Reince Priebus was said to have advocated naming Spicer as pr[...]

Lyft Launches a New Self-driving Division and Will Develop Its Own Autonomous Ride-hailing Technology (10 hours old)

An anonymous reader shares a report: Lyft is betting the future of the road centers on sharing autonomous vehicles. It aims to be at the forefront of that technology with a new self-driving division and a self-driving system car manufacturers could plug into their self-driving cars. The company expects to hire "hundreds" of people for the new division by the end of next year and has just signed a lease for 50,000-square-feet on the first floor of a Palo Alto facility where it plans to build out several labs and open testing spaces. The building Lyft refers to as "Level 5" will be developing it[...]

NASA Uploads Hundreds of Rare Aircraft Films to YouTube (11 hours old)

An anonymous reader shares an article: NASA's Armstrong Flight Research Center is currently in the process of uploading hundreds of extremely rare films to YouTube. And I'd advise you to stop reading if you want to get any work done today. The center has uploaded roughly 300 of the planned 500 films that it will continue to put up over the coming months. And as you can see from the well-populated YouTube channel, they have everything from 1950s experimental aircraft like the X-3 Stiletto to 1960s Lunar Landing Research Vehicle tests (seen in the GIF above) to videos of the time that they inten[...]

Beijing Wants AI To Be Made In China By 2030 (11 hours old)

Reader cdreimer writes: According to a report on The New York Times (may be paywalled, alternative story here): "If Beijing has its way, the future of artificial intelligence will be made in China. The country laid out a development plan on Thursday to become the world leader in A.I. by 2030, aiming to surpass its rivals technologically and build a domestic industry worth almost $150 billion. Released by the State Council, the policy is a statement of intent from the top rungs of China's government: The world's second-largest economy will be investing heavily to ensure its companies, governmen[...]

For the First Time, Microsoft Got More Revenue From Office 365 Subscriptions Than From Traditional Office Software Licensing (12 hours old)

Ina Fried, reporting for Axios: Shares of Microsoft hit record territory in after-hours trading on Thursday, topping $75 a share, after the software giant's better-than-expected financial results. As has been the case for the last several quarters, strength in Microsoft's cloud business, including Office 365 and Windows Azure, was the key to the company's growth. Of note, Microsoft CFO Amy Hood told analysts that, for the first time, Microsoft got more revenue from Office 365 subscriptions than from traditional Office software licensing. Why it matters: Microsoft has shown an ability to grow i[...]

Disney Facing VFX Firm's Injunction Bid on Three Blockbuster Films (13 hours old)

From a report: 'Guardians of the Galaxy,' 'Avengers: Age of Ultron' and 'Beauty and the Beast' are now under the microscope for use of facial capture technology. Upping the stakes over a technology called "performance motion capture," Rearden LLC is going after The Walt Disney Company in a lawsuit filed this week. The plaintiff, a firm incubated by Silicon Valley entrepreneur Steve Perlman, is demanding an injunction prohibiting Disney from distributing Guardians of the Galaxy, Avengers: Age of Ultron and Beauty and the Beast. The new lawsuit comes a year after Rearden scored a startling injun[...]

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Fan of FBI cosplay? Enjoy freaking out your neighbors? Have we got the eBay auction for you (4 hours old)

Get this retired surveillance van for all your totally legitimate above-board activities A rather unusual auction on eBay could appeal to aspiring spies and X‑Files fantasists alike.…

The Italian Jobs: Bloke thrown in the cooler for touting Apple knockoffs (5 hours old)

Feds made Naples man an offer he can't refuse A scammer who imported fake iPods, iPads, iPhones, and Sony hardware worth $15m into America was today sent down for 37 months.…

Intel is upset that Qualcomm is treating it like Intel treated AMD for years and years (5 hours old)

Chipzilla takes number, joins queue to kick Snapdragon biz in the ball arrays Intel has backed Apple in the iGiant's almighty scrap with Qualcomm – which is trying to ban sales of iPhones and iPads in America.…

DeepMind says it's given AI an imagination. Let's take a closer look at that (6 hours old)

Google's machine-learning gurus see promise in simulated creativity Google's AI boutique, DeepMind, known for dispelling human delusions of intellectual superiority by soundly beating the world's top Go players with computer code, has found that instilling its software agents with something like imagination helps them learn better.…

China censors drop the soap operas, sitcoms (7 hours old)

That's the bad news. The good news is they've banned Bieber, too Analysis A disturbing trend toward ever-greater censorship in China has seemingly crossed a line with the banning and blocking... well, fun, basically.…

Andy Rubin's overhyped and underdelivered Essential phone out 'in a few weeks' (8 hours old)

At this point does anyone still care? After months of hype and missed deadlines, it seems as though Andy Rubin's new smartphone might actually make it onto the market.…

Silicon Valley IT biz boss cops to lying about Cisco H-1B jobs (8 hours old)

Consulting firm fibbed about hirings to import more workers The owner of a Silicon Valley tech consulting biz has pled guilty to making up job offers in order to obtain US H-1B visas for overseas workers.…

Google, Amazon, Apple, Facebook blow massive amounts lobbying Trump administration (9 hours old)

You know what they say: Money makes the world go round Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple are finding the Trump Administration a very expensive prospect, at least according to their newly released lobbying figures.…

Pull on yer wellies and let's wade through the week's storage news (12 hours old)

But Muuuuuum... A mudslide of storage news has mired Vulture Central and we're up to our waists in it. Alas, this seems to be becoming a weekly occurrence. We waded through it, sorted it out, tidied it up, and mopped the floors.…

Legal boffins poke holes in EU lawmaker's ePrivacy proposals (13 hours old)

Recommend amendments on privacy, tracking and encryption The European Commission's proposed ePrivacy law needs significant amendments, particularly on location tracking and keeping people's communications confidential, according to an in-depth study.…

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YouTube to redirect searches for IS videos (15 hours old)

People looking for extremist Islamist propaganda will be shown clips denouncing terrorism instead.

UK to bring in drone registration (4 hours old)

Drone owners will also be required to pass a safety awareness test.

MoneySuperMarket fined for sending seven million unwanted emails (11 hours old)

The price comparison website sent seven million emails to people who had opted out of receiving messages.

AI demo picks out recipes from food photos (15 hours old)

Researchers in the US develop an algorithm that appears to have a penchant for desserts

AlphaBay and Hansa dark web markets shut down (1 day old)

The AlphaBay and Hansa marketplaces were known for trade in drugs, weapons and malware.

Newcastle University students targeted by cyber-scam (15 hours old)

Fraudulent site takes personal details and course payments for fake university.

Kodi magazine 'directs readers to pirate content' (1 day old)

The guide is being investigated by the Federation Against Copyright Theft.

Robot 'drowns' in fountain mishap (3 days old [18/07/17])

The wheeled security robot in Washington DC tumbled into a fountain at an office building.

Bitcoin swings as civil war looms (1 day old)

The Bitcoin community must agree how to tackle a slowdown in transaction times to avoid a schism.

Google Maps adds the International Space Station (1 day old)

The International Space Station becomes the first "off planet" addition to the interactive tool.

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