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The Ember Travel Mug keeps your drink at the ideal temperature on the go (153 days old [20/11/18])

A travel mug that's quite the hot-tea

Christmas Gift Guide 2018: 185 amazing Christmas gadget gift ideas (153 days old [20/11/18])

Stuck for what to buy that special someone? We've done the hard work for you

Christmas Gift Guide 2018: 15 gift ideas for drinkers and alcohol lovers (153 days old [20/11/18])

Thirst-quenching presents for fans of every tipple

The 40 best iPhone and iPad games right now (153 days old [20/11/18])

UPDATED: If you’re not using your iOS devices for playing games, you’re missing out on some of the best titles mobile has to offer

Nokia 9 preview: Everything we know so far (153 days old [19/11/18])

UPDATED: A leaked case showcases the five-camera design

11 things Apple will definitely* be making soon** (153 days old [19/11/18])

*Maybe **At some point

Astro's C40 TR is a wallet-busting PS4 gamepad built for pros (154 days old [19/11/18])

Bonus buttons, mix-and-match components, and Astro's trademark polish

First 10 things you should do with your Google Pixel 3 or Pixel 3 XL (154 days old [19/11/18])

Got yourself Google's latest Pixel phone? Here's how to get the best out of it...

Tiny L’Oreal wearable keeps you safe in the sun (154 days old [19/11/18])

My Skin Track/UV does what it says on the tin


Nokia 9 Buggy Update Lets Anyone Bypass Fingerprint Scanner With a Pack of Gum (1 hour 4 minutes old)

A buggy update for Nokia 9 PureView handsets has apparently impacted the smartphone model's in-screen fingerprint scanner, which can now be bypassed using unregistered fingerprints or even with something as banal as a pack of gum. From a report: Multiple users have complained about this problem over the weekend, after installing an OS update (v4.22) released on April 18. The update was meant to improve the phone's in-screen fingerprint scanner module -- so that users won't have to press their fingers too hard on the screen before the phone unlocks -- yet it had the exact opposite effect the co[...]

Samsung's Galaxy Fold Smartphone Release Delayed (1 hour 44 minutes old)

Samsung Electronics is delaying the expected Friday rollout of its Galaxy Fold smartphone [Editor's note: the link may be paywalled; alternative source] until at least next month, WSJ reported Monday citing people familiar with the matter, the latest fallout from a product headache that began with tech reviewers reporting their test devices had malfunctioned. From the report: The Galaxy Fold phone -- priced at nearly $2,000 and the industry's first mainstream foldable-screen device -- was slated to hit shelves this week in the U.S. But problems with phones being used by reviewers have changed [...]

Apple Spends More Than $30 Million on Amazon's Cloud Every Month, Making It One of the Biggest AWS Customers (2 hours old)

As Apple and Amazon compete for a greater share of consumer dollars and attention, they also have a particularly intimate business relationship: Apple is spending more than $30 million a month on Amazon's cloud, CNBC reported Monday, citing citing people familiar with the matter. From the report: Apple's cloud expenditure reflects the company's determination to deliver online services like iCloud quickly and reliably, even if it must depend on a rival to do so. [...] In a February job posting, Apple said it was looking for someone who could "lead and architect our growing AWS footprint." Indee[...]

EU Votes To Create Gigantic Biometrics Database (3 hours old)

The European Parliament voted last week to interconnect a series of border-control, migration, and law enforcement systems into a gigantic, biometrics-tracking, searchable database of EU and non-EU citizens. From a report: This new database will be known as the Common Identity Repository (CIR) and is set to unify records on over 350 million people. Per its design, CIR will aggregate both identity records (names, dates of birth, passport numbers, and other identification details) and biometrics (fingerprints and facial scans), and make its data available to all border and law enforcement author[...]

Scientists Create 'Living' Machines That Eat, Grow, and Evolve (6 hours old)

elainerd (Slashdot reader #94,528) shares an article from The Next Web: Scientists from Cornell University have successfully constructed DNA-based machines with incredibly life-like capabilities. These human-engineered organic machines are capable of locomotion, consuming resources for energy, growing and decaying, and evolving. Eventually they die. That sure sounds a lot like life, but Dan Luo, professor of biological and environmental engineering in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Cornell, who worked on the research, says otherwise. He told The Stanford Chronicle, "We ar[...]

Kansas Towns 'Rebel' Against Zuckerberg-Funded School Programs (9 hours old)

"I want to just take my Chromebook back and tell them I'm not doing it anymore," said Kallee Forslund, 16, a 10th grader in Wellington. The New York Times reports on a "rebellion" that started in Kansas against an online "personalized learning" program funded by Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, and developed by Facebook engineers -- including a classroom walk-out, a sit-in, and parent protests at public school board meetings. Read the Times' pay-walled original article or this free alternate version. Some highlights: Eight months earlier, public schools near Wichita had rolled out a web-[...]

The Incredibly Stupid Plot To Hijack a Domain By Breaking Into Its Owner's House With A Gun (13 hours old)

CNN tells the story of 24-year-old "social media influencer" Rossi Lorathio Adams II who'd wanted his domain to be the slogan of his social media sites (which at one point had over a million followers on Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter). Unfortunately, that domain was already owned by another man in Iowa -- but Adams came up with a solution: In June 2017, Adams enlisted his cousin to break into the domain owner's home and force him to transfer it. The cousin drove to the domain owner's house and provided a demand note [which contained "a series of directions on how to change an Internet dom[...]

Are We Sacrificing Too Much For Automation? (15 hours old)

Fast Company shares an essay from an anthropologist who researches human agency, algorithms, AI, and automation in the context of social systems: With the advent of computational tools for quantitative measurement and metrics, and the development of machine learning based on the big data developed by those metrics, organizations, Amazon among them, started to transition through a period of what I refer to as "extreme data analysis," whereby anything and anyone that can be measured, is. This is a problem. Using counting, metrics, and implementation of outcomes from extreme data analysis to i[...]

Why Modern C++ Still Isn't As Safe As Memory-Safe Languages Like Rust and Swift (17 hours old)

Alex Gaynor is a software engineer at Mozilla working on Firefox, after previously serving as a director of both the Python Software Foundation and the Django Software Foundation. In a new blog post today, he argues that memory unsafe languages, "principally C and C++," induce an exceptional number of security vulnerabilities, and that the industry needs to migrate to memory-safe languages like Rust and Swift by default. One of the responses I frequently receive is that the problem isn't C and C++ themselves, developers are simply holding them wrong. In particular, I often receive defense[...]

Black Hole Photo Used Supercomputers and Cloud Computing To Prove Einstein Right (18 hours old)

An anonymous reader quotes The Next Web: As stunning and ground-breaking as it is, the EHT project is not just about taking on a challenge. It's an unprecedented test of whether Einstein's ideas about the very nature of space and time hold up in extreme circumstances, and looks closer than ever before at the role of black holes in the universe. To cut a long story short: Einstein was right.... His general theory of relativity has passed two serious tests from the universe's most extreme conditions in the last few years. Here, Einstein's theory predicted the observations from M87 with uner[...]

The Register

Take your pick: 0/1/* ... but beware – your click could tank an entire edition of a century-old newspaper (6 hours old)

Sh*t! Sh*t sh*t sh*t Who, Me? Welcome once more to Who, Me? where readers share their panic-inducing moments of tech support cock-ups.…

Wannacry-slayer Marcus Hutchins pleads guilty to two counts of banking malware creation (2 days old [19/04/19])

'I regret these actions and accept full responsibility for my mistakes' Marcus Hutchins, the British security researcher who shot to fame after successfully halting the Wannacry ransomware epidemic, has pleaded guilty to crafting online bank-account-raiding malware.…

Defense against the Darknet, or how to accessorize to defeat video surveillance (2 days old [19/04/19])

Boffins from Belgium break people recognition software with a colorful placard A trio of Belgium-based boffins have created a ward that renders wearers unrecognizable to software trained to detect people.…

Not one of the 12 steps: Rehab patients' details exposed in publicly visible database (2 days old [19/04/19])

Researcher disturbed at availability of very personal data More than two years of billing records from a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center were made freely available on the internet, a security researcher has discovered.…

Double trouble for Lyft after share price drop sparks class action lawsuits claiming hype (2 days old [19/04/19])

Rideshare company lied about market share, claim investors Rideshare company Lyft has been hit with two class action lawsuits by investors who claim the company lied about its market share.…

UK comms watchdog mulls 5G tweaks: Operators want moooooar power (3 days old [19/04/19])

Oh and remove the guard bands, would you Ofcom? Ofcom is amenable to technical tweaks that mobile operators have requested to 5G rules, launching a consultation yesterday.…

Aussies, Yanks may think they're big drinkers – but Brits easily booze them under the table (3 days old [19/04/19])

Isssh nothing to be proud of, hic, hic. Shame again pleesh The top ten per cent of Australia’s boozy population downs more than half of the alcohol consumed in the country, according to new research – and the Brits are even worse.…

Strong-willed field support op holds it together during painful customer call (3 days old [19/04/19])

Are you... Are you sure that we make this machine, sir? On Call Roll up, roll up, to the best part of your day, nay, your week – On Call, where Reg readers share Eureka moments and gleeful memories in tech support.…

Hands off Brock! EFF pleads with Google not to kill its Privacy Badger with its Manifest destiny (3 days old [19/04/19])

It's not hard, we just need some coding tweaks to make sure Privacy Badger stays sane In an effort to discourage Google from breaking or hobbling content blocking and privacy Chrome Extensions, the Electronic Frontier Foundation on Wednesday presented the Chocolate Factory with a modest wish list [PDF] to guide the company's ongoing API revision.…

Old-school cruel: Dodgy PDF email attachments enjoying a renaissance (3 days old [19/04/19])

Let's go back... way back The last few months have seen a big increase in malware attacks using PDF email attachments, according to security firm SonicWall.…

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BBC News - Technology

TED 2019: How to kill a zombie rumour and fix Facebook (6 hours old)

How to fix a "broken internet" has been a central question at TED 2019.

Samsung Galaxy Fold launch events delayed in China (5 hours old)

Two events are postponed following reports of broken screens from smartphone reviewers.

An alternative way to capture childhood on your phone (17 hours old)

A simple, but evocative, way to record your children's development without using a camera.

Tesla says investigating car explosion in Shanghai (13 hours old)

A video circulating on Chinese social media appears to show a parked Tesla car erupting into flames.

Asos billionaire loses three children in Sri Lanka attacks (6 hours old)

Danish billionaire Anders Holch Povlsen and his family were visiting Sri Lanka, where three of his four children died.

Millions using 123456 as password, security study finds (1 day old)

A list of all-too-predictable choices for breached accounts includes 123456 and "Liverpool".

TED 2019: The start-ups launching in space (2 days old [20/04/19])

Space is getting busy thanks to a new era of commercialisation.

Facebook bans UK far right groups and leaders (4 days old [18/04/19])

A dozen named groups and individuals will be purged from the social network, it said.

Hacking 'hero' Marcus Hutchins pleads guilty to US malware charges (2 days old [19/04/19])

Marcus Hutchins said he regrets his actions and accepts "full responsibility for my mistakes".

Robot news presenter causes a stir on Russian TV (4 days old [18/04/19])

The humanoid, named Alex, causes a stir as he makes his debut on state news channel Rossiya 24.

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